Ovens II

M O D E L 6 1 6 N C O N V E C T I O N O V E N

This unique oven is specially designed to bake cookies, muffins, biscuits, and other bakery products. Its compact size fits the tightest places. Like all Wisco convection ovens, the 616N circulates heated air throughout the oven for even precise baking. Oven temperatures range from 100ºF – 500ºF. The unit conforms to the recommended baking times of most convenience food makers.


  • adjustable thermostat
  • 3 aluminum cookie pans included
  • all stainless steel enclosure
  • tempered glass, spring-loaded door
  • 30-minute timer with “HOLD” option
  • unit can be converted to either pizza or cookie oven with optional accessory kits
  • parchment paper available
  • optional cooling rack available
  • additional sets of 3 aluminum cookie pans available
  • unit available as a double pizza oven
  • Model 616N-WG
Model 616-N Model 616-WG 3 aluminum cookie pans
$690.00 $690.00 $28.00
Optional cooling rack Parchment paper Parchment paper
$24.67 500 -$45.00 1000 – $75.00