M O D E L 5 6 0B P I Z Z A O V E N

Produce perfect pizza! This versatile oven handles pizzas up to 16” in diameter. Everything from thin, thick and self-rising pizzas to pretzels, sandwiches and other food items can be prepared with ease. Long life, continuous operation, unique design and versatile capabilities make the 560B the ideal oven for demanding commercial food service environments.


  • Removable clean out tray
  • 15 minute mechanical timer with “HOLD” option. Variable control thermostat from 100 deg. to 675 deg F.
  • Attractive stainless steel outer housing
  • Insulated
  • Long life calrod heating elements
  • Flip up handle design for easier storage

M O D E L 4 1 2 – 5 N C T P I Z Z A O V E N

A Wisco original! This model’s design has proven itself in over 20 years of service in thousands of demanding commercial food service environments. The 412-5NCT provides reliable service and dependable performance pizza after pizza. Sheathed heating elements above and below, virtually eliminating the possibility of wire breakage. Ideal for thin-crust pizzas.


  • preset 450°F thermostat
  • mechanical 15-minute timer
  • removable clean-out tray
  • 22-gauge brushed stainless steel outer housing
  • stand-offs designed to meet UL requirements

M O D E L 6 0 8 -S-1 C O N V E C T I O N O V E N

Convection is the ideal way to cook convenience foods. Circulating super-hot air penetrates food quickly. Perfect for evenly browning a wide variety of snack foods including French fries, pizza rolls, onion rings, chicken, cookies, muffins, and pizza.


  • 3 wire shelves and 3 cookie trays
  • 30-minute mechanical timer
  • adjustable 500ºF thermostat
  • optional aluminum cookie shelves available