Wisco Industries, Inc. has redesigned the time tested Pizza Oven to adapt to the new products being offered by the manufacturers of frozen prepared foods. Specifically, the new oven has a digital controller with two temperature settings which allows it to bake off the new rising dough crusts. It takes a little more time in the baking process to allow the active yeast to finish baking. The lower temperature range in the area of 350 degrees F makes this possible. This temperature range also opens up the oven to bake off most all of the prepared frozen foods found in the super market.

The Wisco Oven

In addition to providing for a lower temperature to accommodate the rising dough crust, we also added height to the opening to allow more room for the thicker crust as well as other prepared frozen foods. Using a solid state digital control, we are able to hold
the baking temperatures more precisely and eliminate the huge temperature swings that tended to make the old oven sometimes bake unevenly.

Model 325 Sandwich Grill

The big difference is that the major objection has been solved, and the operation of the units could be called “fool proof”. By coating the heating surfaces with Teflon we have virtually eliminated any sticking of food to the toasting surfaces. This might seem simple, says Don Forkner, Vice President, Sales & Marketing for Wisco, but we weren’t certain that Teflon would hold up under the temperatures required for the most efficient operation. Prior to the Teflon, a non-stick solution was used directly on the stainless steel elements and it was kind of tricky.

After exhaustive testing, we are confident that we have a product that will hold up under the most stringent institutional use, and will accomplish what we have been showing as demonstrated.

Watch a video demonstration of our Sandwich Grill.

Wisco Industries, Inc features numerous food preparation units for use in commercial applications and the home environment as well.