A person’s enjoyment of food is not limited to the senses of taste and smell.  Sight is an often overlooked part of an appealing food presentation.  Sight will create a desire and an anticipation for our senses of taste and smell to investigate and often enhances the experience of enjoying good food.

At Wisco Industries, Inc. we understand this concept and design it into our food merchandisers. Our food merchandisers are designed to make optimum use of sight as a way to market food products.  The fast, service oriented business needs to take advantage of all the senses of each customer to provide a pleasant experience during their short visit to your store.  A pleasing food presentation will help your other senses start to anticipate that something enjoyable is about to happen. In short, a good presentation is good marketing.  Displaying food products in an enticing and attractive setting will add to that experience and add to your bottom line.

Models 495 and 495G

This attractive warmer/merchandiser is ideal for promoting pretzels, cookies, bread sticks, buns, rolls, and other breaded products. Heated circulating air keeps foods fresh and evenly warmed. Unit is made of stainless steel and tempered glass for a clean and attractive presentation. Comes with a three-tier wire slant rack. Other rack styles are available to accommodate a wide variety of products.

Model 303

This convenient and compact unit offers visibility on four sides to maximize impulse sales. Attractive “Hot/ Fresh” backlit corner signage helps build traffic and sales. The Model 303, Single Door, is equipped with a heavy-duty, three-tier rack including three product pans for merchandising pizza, pretzels, cookies, breaded products, and other convenience foods.

The Model 303 RT comes equipped with a four-tier rotating tree with four racks ideal for promoting whole pizzas or pizza by the slice.

Model 695

This unit is perfect for point-of-sale merchandising. It is constructed of clear tempered glass for maximum product visibility. A precisely controlled balance of heat and moisture keeps pizza and snack food hot and moist. Convenience foods keep that fresh-from-the-oven flavor and appeal longer in the 695C. This unit is available with a rotating tree and four racks that are removable for easy cleaning or with an adjustable shelving system that allows you to adjust the shelves to meet your specific needs.

Model 925W

This warmer/merchandiser provides heated circulating air to keep foods fresh and evenly warmed. It is constructed of stainless steel and tempered glass for a clean and attractive presentation. This unit also features a shelving system that allows you to adjust the shelves to meet your specific needs.

Model 680-1

This warmer provides bottom heat to keep pizza crusts crisp. The illuminated shelves are thermostatically controlled to provide temperature flexibility. Also ideal for holding cookies, biscuits, muffins and other foods at proper serving temperatures.

Model 680-3

With four shelves, the 680-4 has twice the capacity of our model 680-1. Both warmers provide heat from the bottom up to keep crusts warm and crisp. Illuminated shelves accentuate the product and are thermostatically controlled for temperature flexibility.

Model 580

This versatile merchandiser is available in single- and double-door styles for traditional and self-service. Unit is ideal for pizzas up to 12″, hot dogs, tacos, breaded products, French fries, and other bagged foods. Aluminum pans conduct heat to food from 65-watt heater in the base. Pans and corrugated sheet are sold separately.

Models 690-25 & 690-16

These warmers utilize circulating heated air to maintain food for extended periods of time. Their versatility is showcased with a shelving system that allows you to adjust the shelves to your specific needs. The variety of food items it can accommodate is endless.

Model 995

The Model 995 Warmer/Merchandiser provides an ideal environment for promoting and preserving the freshness of soft pretzels, breaded products, vegetables, and other foods that require heat and humidity. Food is kept fresh and warm by moist air that is continuously circulated throughout the cabinet. Curved glass display and mirrored doors maximize product visibility.

Model 323HH

Designed with the option of utilizing the heat and humidity control, these merchandisers have the capability of accommodating a variety of food products for an extended period of time. They are sure to draw eye-catching attention with their sleek, new-age design as well as their ability to hold a point-of-purchase advertisement. The 15″ model is manufactured from glass and stainless steel, while the 7″ model has glass sides and an acrylic front.